Hermitcraft 10: Episode 2 - FISH!

Published 2024-02-07
Hermitcraft 10 episode 2 grian makes a start on the new hermitcraft season. Our goals are derailed by the urge to fish.

Hope you enjoy!

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  • @shaniraath5135
    G: “Do you have… a mending book?” The Ocean: “Go fish” a passive aggressive card game at its best
  • @beastbomber2316
    Dont give up on fishing Grian, 99% of gamblers quit before their big win!
  • @lylacsys494
    I love that grian has the magical ability to spread procrastination to other hermits. its beautiful.
  • @eeveeblazelol
    “ren if you could please at some point do something that doesn’t involve me having to shout at your incompetence that would be ideal” DANG MUMBO
  • Grian developing a gambling addiction from Minecraft fishing was not something I had on my Season 10 bingo card
  • @Fonziee.
    Grian: I’m sick of fishing. Scar on the top of the scaffold: When life gives you a fishing rod you fish or send etho out of orbit
  • @wither_klng2881
    I absolutely *love* the fact that it's slow now. Previous seasons, everyone had full diamond with elytra and beacons within 4 episodes, but so far this one feels like it's going to be a more fun pace
  • @AC-fh2kq
    I did some math. The chance of fishing an enchanted book with luck of the sea 3 is 1.9%. The chance mending is one of those enchants is 1.5% (rounded up). Combining those two gives the staggering 0.029% chance of getting mending which I multiplied by the amount of times Grian fished, 2840, which gave the average output to be... 0.824 mending books... sorry Grian. Even math doesn't take your side. Impulse must be a magician lol.
  • @RuthlessDutchman
    The chat is funny to read sometimes 30:37 Gem: we are both dead Zed: I can be double dead! Gem: its rest in PEACE zed
  • @Dylanocity
    I like how Grian makes this awesome fishing hut and pier to fish from, and then imediately goes to fishing on a boat instead of using the pier he just built.
  • Ren: "I must kill Mumbo today, I must. I've set up a trap for him and I was hoping you could help me." Grian:"Say no more"
  • @philbarbato
    I’m loving that so many hermits are embracing the slow life this season and just enjoying each other’s company. It’s so nice.
  • @calypsoul
    I swear my whole body tensed at 27:13 when he tossed those rails, like some primal instinct to not waste ANY iron, especially when about to do a big minecart project
  • @SnakesAnimations
    4:22 I like the implication that Grian was debating the fishing rod’s name for the entire Minecraft day
  • @potatoe9453
    Grian: Spends he's whole episode fishing to get a mending book Impulse: Gets a mending book in minutes
  • @Wrenlou
    Curse of Binding on a pumpkin for a living player, not a direct kill but really make them think of it.
  • @Cc-vu9mr
    Grian said: "Mumbo might win!" Mumbo: proceeds to afk