Minecraft Live 2022: The Mob Vote is Back!

Published 2022-10-03
Something strange is afoot in Minecraft! Tiny Vu enlists the help of super sleuths Tiny Agnes and Tiny Jens to track down the three mystery mobs that want to join Minecraft. Only one can join, and it’s up to you to help us decide which one!

Vote for your favorite mob on Minecraft.net/, the Minecraft launcher, or in a special Bedrock server! Voting opens on October 14, noon EDT giving you 24 hours to make your voice heard. Read more about the mob vote at Minecraft.net/live

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  • hellomynameisjoe
    I like how they treat eggs in chests and moving hats as being on the same level of severity as stalking.
  • Evan Weber
    They need to have a runner up vote with things like the moobloom and copper golem.
  • I gotta say I'd love a mob that just lingers in the darkness, watching your every move in caves, it would definitely add some more terror factors to exploring the depths, I'm still bummed we didn't get new caves sounds too in the update
  • hen ko
    I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the last vote!!!! I’m looking forward to this years votes :)
  • KC Garcia
    Surely nothing will go wrong and nobody will cause massive drama this time
  • dededelete this
    So, something that lives underwater and lays a lot of eggs, something that spies on you underground, and something that moves your hats (whatever that means)… sounds like we’ll get some interesting mobs this time around
  • Their mob descriptions definitely sounds interesting! I can’t wait to see what they look like!
  • Gaming S0ul
    Please have Jens yelling again. We need it. It needs to be a Minecraft Live yearly tradition.
  • Homura Kasaino
    I've always loved the way these Tiny Guys talk, it fits their small character
  • Jayrayman
    They really set the bar high for the first mob so I'm really excited for the next ones
  • ewSenpai
    I love it how they made the animation Halloween themed. I can’t wait to see what the new mobs are
  • Lonely Sandwich
    May respects for who made this wholesome animation. Minecraft live hype!!!
  • SmellTheL
    The Rascal was messing with Jeb’s chests since rascal is another word for mischievous, the Sniffer was following Agnes like how dogs follow people based on their scent, and the Tuff Golem was moving Vu’s hats since the Copper Golem was meant to do something similar.
  • verality
    I love the attention to detail in this video, they had the tuff golems on the set, which were then referenced in the conclusion 👏 well done
  • StarWolf
    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the animator(s)? I just love the little pixelated style and the animation is so fluid, is just so well done and I think the animator(s) is/are too under appreciated
  • We need more scary mobs in the game! After we saw what they did with the warden, it makes me excited to see what the mob that watches you in the caves is.
  • Gardener guy 2.0
    I'm glad that the vibes are very spooky and the detectiveness mixes in well. I can't wait for the official reveals!
  • Quinn Master
    1. The Nautilus (Judging from the shell sculpture and the mention of eggs in ocean ruins)
    2. Glare 2.0 (Stalker in the caves)
    3. Thief - An illager type that can pick up items and run away with them (Judging from villager portraits and hat theft)