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Published 2022-10-01

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  • Fourth Gonzalez
    the most accurate part of ally and obie was all the adults saying "math is not that difficult" and then offering no help
  • kaelykopis
    “Shame on you for spreading idle reports, Joan” is my new go to when my relatives start dropping unsubstantiated news on Facebook
  • Alice
    'shame on you for spreading idle reports joan' was unironically so funny
  • ally and obie is like that vine that goes "i gave my dog swim lessons" "oh that's cool..... my dog gave me swim lessons" "what?" "he's a lifeguard" but swimming is replaced with math
  • Nancy Pier
    The close up on the un-sharpened pencil is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year
  • Kaitlyn D
    “shame on you for spreading idle reports, joan” is my new favorite movie line
  • KayJblue
    Glad to see Amanda is taking her channel back.
  • Clarence
    to be fair, allie’s problems with math and the reactions of adults around her were extremely accurate to my school experiences with math
  • Samuel Thornton
    I was singing to a song some fifteen years ago in a Hot Topic. Someone walked up and asked me who sang the song. I was excited I knew the answer, so I quickly shared. They responded, "let's keep it that way." I was devastated. Thanks Drew and Amanda for bringing back that terrible memory.
  • Creecher
    Summertime Christmas has uncomfortable overtones of "Can you believe I'm not allowed to smack my kids anymore!?"
  • Kaitlyn Marleigh
    I love that "you can't discipline your children" literally just means you can't beat children anymore.
  • nosferat-ew
    Okay but why is the grandpa in Ally & Obie so wholesome, like his acting makes me think he’s just actually a cheesy grandpa in real life and I love it 😅
  • 23rd Light Bob
    The most unrealistic part of ‘a Summertime Christmas’ is that everyone is obeying an act passed by the UN
  • mercygal1
    Okay, that one moment where a kid says "poetic" and another kid is like "what does that-what does that mean?" Genuinely hilarious, perfectly realistic dialogue, and 100% just another totally unplanned thing that made the final cut because it was easier than writing a real script. Phenomenal; a flawless human moment.
  • sarah 28
    Drew casually taking his arm behind Amanda ....at around/after 21:50 is sooo smooth....I hope it works out between them and they reach atleast the first base.....their chemistry is soo much more than youtube colleagues
  • Drea
    ally & Obie seems more like a class film project then an actually movie.
  • Arri
    Amanda and Drew always look at each other like they are each others middle school crush and I love that
  • karl
    “this is boring, im going home” is actually such a funny thing to say to kids being mean lmao
  • Jack Salvaggio
    I love that the grandpa complains about “new math”, but one of the problems on the board earlier was literally 4x3.