ManningCast Cold Open - SNL

Published 2022-10-01
Peyton and Eli Manning (Miles Teller, Andrew Dismukes) take a break from their ManningCast to break down what's happening on the premiere of Saturday Night Live.

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All Comments (21)
  • Paul D
    Miles Teller is ridiculously good at impersonating Peyton Manning. Wow
  • SK M
    A smart sketch considering the huge change of cast. Smart move to show they are self aware of the vulnerable situation they are in and put it in the open.
  • Dave Muscarella
    This was a really good cold open. SNL making fun of itself at least shows they are self aware. And that Peyton impression was SPOT ON.
  • TimeBucks
    This was a really good cold open
  • Jim Stewart
    Miles nailed the Manning vibe. A great start for SNL.
  • Jach
    They absolutely need to repeat this once in a while. It's genius
  • Scruff D0g
    This was actually solid. They mad fun of themselves and the manning cast very accurately.
  • Pete Finch
    The self-awareness in this sketch is magnificent. As is Miles' Peyton impression
  • Chris Smith
    Bruh his Peyton Manning impression is insane...I hope he does it again a FEW times on the show
  • Jen Warshawsky
    What a great cold open! Miles' Manning impression was on point.
  • Courtney Rae
    This was definitely the best cold open they could have done with the cast change. Honestly brilliant and gives me some confidence that the show will continue to be good even though all my favorite people left
  • Vince Orrico
    Snl now needs a reoccurring sketch like this with every host.
  • Billy Ricker
    Very solid cold open, Miles Teller did an awesome job impersonating Peyton Manning.
  • Cam Mackay
    Until the banter with Jon Hamm about the host started I didn't even realise Miles Teller was Peyton 😂
  • Mr. Joshua
    That was probably the best way they could've introduced new cast members.
  • angel213fl
    Miles for sure scored a touchdown 🏈 with his Payton Manning impression. Nailed it 😂
  • Mike Conway
    Strong opening, excited to see how this young cast develops
  • AxelQC
    That was a clever take and a good way to introduce a sweepingly new cast.
  • Aubrey
    I'm so happy SNL is back. Sad so many favorites are gone but we still have good ones left. Ego, Keenan, Chris, Mikey, Jost and Che can never leave 🤣
  • TheErikaGuy
    I liked it. It needs to feel like a new era and it definitely did. I definitely got some good laughs in😂