I Tried 100 Wedding Dresses

Published 2023-01-14
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PART 1 -    • I Tried Planning My Wedding In A Week   (Planning the Wedding)
PART 3 -    • Our Wedding | Michelle & Garrett   (The Wedding)

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All Comments (21)
  • @dss7876
    I think choosing to wear two dresses representing each culture is brilliant rather than one with both. Kinda like you have two ceremonies together
  • Indian wedding dresses look absolutely gorgeous, I love that she is incorporating it into her wedding day
  • @errhka
    As someone who is mixed race themselves I totally felt you deep down when you said you lived on the outskirts of your culture sometimes. Sometimes we just need a little reminding that we ARE valid! And that is beautiful! (And omg Michelle your sister is HILARIOUS! I love her and we need to see her more haha)
  • Hearing her get all emotional talking about looking like the other powerful women in her life made me tear up! And I don't even know these people!
  • @data7200
    It's so cool that you're honoring both sides of your family and heritage! 😁 Love the idea!!
  • My daughter is half Indian like you, and I love this channel. When she's a little older I want to introduce her to your content so she can be inspired! Thank you for being a strong, classy, never-say-never woman and role model!
  • @beckwilde
    She tried on 100 dresses? Oh my god. The first one was absolutely stunning, I can't imagine moving past it!! Can't wait to see the rest of the dresses and see which one she chooses.
  • @hannahs3743
    That’s what my mom did at her wedding! She wore a traditional white hanbok for the ceremony and a white western dress for afterwards. Having two cultures I walk between is also something I’ve always struggled with, and this video resonated with me deeply. I wish I can do something like this one day!
  • @janhankins911
    You did the absolute right thing by selecting two dresses to fully embrace both of your cultures.
  • Michelle's mom looks so much like Natalie Portman to me. What a stunning woman, of course that's what Michelle's mom would look like! Like mother like daughter
  • @GillDawe
    I'm so so glad you chose to do the two separate dresses. Can't wait to see the final dresses but I'm positive it wouldn't have been as special without the red!! <3
  • Michelle the red is just something else! The white was gorgeous but with the red I started crying and I loved that you could feel the lineage of strong women that came before you, it is palpable when you wore it.
  • im so glad that people really cry when theyre married it just shows how mcuh they love eachother! mind you the indian dress is AMAZINGGG edit:550 likes?! tysm! edit: 661 i cant believe this! edit 3: WHAT THE... 773?!
  • @caraland
    Michele's mom being worried about the weather is such a mom thing 😂 like i don't care how cold i am on my wedding day, i just wanna look good
  • Honestly Indian wedding dresses are some of the prettiest I've seen. The colors, the skirt, the patterns, it's truly amazing.
  • @elir9661
    Not me crying when Michelle had the red dress on and talked about feeling like the strong women in her family before her. What a beautiful way to honor both sides of your heritage. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  • At first I was completely on board with you trying to mesh the two styles of dresses together, but I think everything turned out so much better when you decided to incorporate both at different times. I've struggled with the thought of how I would incorporate both of my ethnic backgrounds into my wedding, and I absolutely love the route you took. Thank you so much for sharing such a special moment and continuing to inspire in every way! 🫶🏼
  • @pufffish5196
    I was speechless when you came out in that first red dress, you look so good in that color. I love how you had 2 separate dresses!! Being Chinese, our modern weddings usually feature 3 dresses: one "leaving the house gown" for when the friends and groom come to pick you up, usually traditional; one western ceremony dress; and one reception gown, which could be either. So personally I really love ur idea and you looked gorgeous! It came together so well.
  • Those dresses look absolutely phenomenal on you. We hope to see more amazing content like this.