2023 Corvette C8 Z06 | Making Cars Great Again

Published 2022-10-03
We provide one of the most in-depth looks at the new 2023 Corvette C8 Z06. We talked to the engineers about the approach and difficulties of designing a 670HP naturally aspirated V8 in the modern age. With more exotic performance and a starting price of nearly $105,000, there will be plenty of discussions about how this resets the internal combustion supercar formula.

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00:00 Intro
1:20 For the Fans
3:00 What is Z06 with Chief Engineer
6:44 LT6 Creating the Engine with Dustin Gardner
9:43 Flat Plane Crank Controlling Vibration
11:35 Oiling and Lubrication
12:37 Head and Cams
14:00 Engine Build Process and Dyno Break In
15:20 Displacement, TQ Curve vs. High Redline
18:22 Fuel System and DI Integration
19:54 LT6R and LT6 Development
22:39 Chassis, Aero, and Suspension
26:22 It's Still a Corvette and Packages
29:40 Carbon Wheels
30:28 Brake Options
31:26 Steering and Calibrations
33:23 Cooling, Transmission, and Exhaust Design with Aaron Link
35:23 Camaro Zl1 1LE Comparison Talk
38:31 The Sound
43:14 Driving Impressions
50:02 Final Thoughts
55:55 Conclusion

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  • Indeed Bridge
    Thank you guys for making such high quality documentary level content, for free on a platform built for disposable mine-craft videos. Its such an amazing resource, with no ads or anything. You guys deserve every sub and about 10 million more.
  • Jack Zhang
    What an hour full of knowledge, thrill, and pure beauty...

    This is probably the video with the highest quality I've ever watched on YouTube. Not just about cars, but everything else. You guys did truly amazing work on such an incredible piece of machine that's coming near the end of its era. As an automotive enthusiast and engineer, I want to thank you for creating this. I'm on a waitlist with more than a thousand people in front of me, but I will wait patiently for that day to come...
  • Attalah Hadad
    I absolutely love the engineering details and all the info from Chevy and their engineers, it really shows how much work went into this car. Also huge thanks to you guys for putting together such an incredible video and sharing it with us. This is professional and passionate automotive journalism.
  • Michael Umhoefer
    I worked for Chevrolet as a product trainer during the C8 launch and the information you provided in this video was far more comprehensive than the material we would get on the Silverado 2019 1500 launch or the 2020 HD redesign. Your access to top GM staff is an accomplishment by itself... let alone using GM PowerPoint slides from engineering department. Cheers guys, GM couldn't have made a video this great.
  • Jack KIE
    Savagegeese and crew, have no idea why you guys don't have over 1 million subs right now. The quality, the length, the access to the engineer and designers, and the beautifully cinematography and editing is on the level of high budget marketing content. Unbelievable that this is free content.
  • TheSugarbear76
    I think it's easy to be spoiled by your channel. The quality of content, level of thought, and consideration for the enthusiast is so consistent throughout each of your videos that it isn't until you've watched them all that you realize nothing else quite scratches that itch. This was yet another example of you guys raising the bar. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to watching when there's nothing else.
  • CodyN
    As an engineer and a car guy, this is exactly the content I’m looking for. You guys have been consistently killing it. Thanks for bringing the engineers’ stories to us viewers!
  • infinotize
    The stereo effect of the interior engine sound you guys managed to capture is unbelievable, something I've never heard that high quality even from big budget productions like top gear.
  • ThePhenex
    This is what a car documentary should be like. The car being presented by the people that worked on it, amazing shots of the car in motion and all the technical details a gearhead could ever whist for. You guys are truly amazing!
  • kazimierz3000
    Incredible deep dive and review. You guys continue to be the best automotive journalists in the industry and beyond.
  • N. Luck
    This was absolutely fantastic. I don't see myself ever owning a Corvette, but seeing the amount of passion that went into this car is a real treat - both the passion of the engineers, and the stellar camera work and editing on display here. For being a full hours long and stuffed with technical details, this video was magnetic from start to finish.
  • Harrison B
    I'm not one to leave a comment often. In the event this reaches you guys, I want to say thank you, and that you all are producing some inspiring content. The first video of yours I saw was of the 2015 Lexus IS350, and I remember how back then you couldn't stand it not offering a manual. During the height of COVID19, your videos in part helped me find the motivation to push through campus shutting down, an end of a relationship, social isolation, and the longest depressive phase I've experienced, to then graduate with a mechanical engineering degree. Things have since improved for me, and I hope you guys find as much joy in making these videos as some of us do watching them. The dream is one day you'll be doing a video on a car I had a hand in, and there's still gas in the tank. PS. Yes Jack, I had to watch this twice.
  • heffyg101
    What an exceptional video. The amount of time and effort to organise, film and interview the engineers of the Corvette program truly shows how dedicated these guys are to their craft of making world class documentaries and reviews. Bravo SavageGeese team. 👏
  • When the C8 first launched, all the engineers were excited to share it. Now that the Z06 has launched, you can feel an emotional connection to the project beyond just excitement. This is what they were excited about. We all know there's going to be a ZR1 and a Zora yet coming, but I get the sense that this is the Halo car that received all the passion, the others will simply be a demonstration of capability. They believe they've hit peak ICE, and I believe them. I wish Gordon Murray luck, but when Detroit decides they're going to win at something, there's little Europe can do about it.
  • Greg Ventola
    Thank you Mark and Jack for carrying on the enthusiast spirit. I feel that it’s getting lost this day in age, but you guys keep it alive. Keep it up!
  • KnowMtB
    Jack and Mark: You are as passionate and incredible at what you do as the Corvette team. Thank you 🙏
  • red95gts
    Incredible car and an equally incredible documentary. Just when you think Mark & Jack couldn’t possibly raise the bar, here we are

    I really liked the segment at the end where the Corvette team describe what this car means to them emotionally. You really get a sense that they are car guys just like us - and they were given the enviable opportunity to build the corvette of our collective dreams. You can see the excitement in their faces and I have to believe that emotional connection shows in the end product.
  • G Axford
    Guys, your videos keep getting better and better. This is the pinnacle so far. I love that you've blended high end production values with incredibly informative content. Its so inspirational to hear directly from the engineers involved, and to get some understanding of the hard work and passion that has gone into building this amazing car. I'm told the waiting list is 2 years long here in Australia, and we don't even know the price yet. I sure hope to get my hands on one eventually. Keep up the great work!!
  • Patek Swiss
    You’ve definitely reached a new level with this one. Not only the level of detail, but the way the video is constructed so that everything builds logically and enhances understanding. The interviewees are not only knowledgable enough to clearly explain what they did, they’re also honest in talking about the compromises and tradeoffs. Like I said, a whole new level. Congrats.
  • Kean Wah Wong
    Thanks for putting this together! What an incredible video. I've been a long time fan, and this is one of your best videos so far. This is the least I could do for my favourite pair of automotive journalists. Here's to more!