Scammers Panic and Lock their Computer

Published 2022-10-03
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Scammer imitating Best Buy's Geek Squad in order to scam and steal your money! It's full call centers trained to scam millions from people all around the world. That's why we fight back every day here at Scammer Payback!
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Scammers are ruthless criminals that have no problem stealing every last dime from their victims bank accounts. Please protect yourself as well as family members who might not be familiar with these type of scams.

All Comments (21)
  • blueman500
    I work in retail right now and had a customer a bit ago trying to buy a bunch of gift cards for a scamer. I am happily able to report that I helped them to not be scammed that day.
  • Peg Edey
    Thank you for all you all do. Blessings on you all.
  • Marcy Arianna
    Thank you for teaching and protecting people from these scams!
  • Chris Angell
    Man.... watching this guy curse in hindi is gold.
    As an Indian, you and the community of scam baiters are doing so much more than the police and also serving as a base for educating people against scammers
  • Funny Story... I had a call yesterday from a scammer. They started their script and I was just playing along. They asked me my name and I said "I AM PEROGI". The person freaked and hung up immediately. Im not sure if these scammers target specific areas in the world, but I am in New Zealand, so I'm super impressed how powerful that sentence was to them.
  • Mac Style
    Brother you are doing great things i hope you will destroy all these scammers. As an indian we are scared of these scammers.
  • Cathy Westholt
    I am 68. Got a call from a guy that sounded like he was calling from one of these large busy Indian call centers pretending to be from Medicare. I asked a second time who he was with & he said Medicare, and then asked if I have Medicare A&B. Immediately I told him if he were with Medicare he would know what I do or don't have. I said "You are a scammer!" and then hung up.
    I went on Facebook to warn my friends. I also then warned them about all of the scams and tricks these call centers do with emails and calls. I told them to check out your channel, along with Kit & Pleasant Green, etc.
    Thanks for ALL you do!!!!!
  • Channel Vargar
    Parogi, Iโ€™m a 46 year old disabled father of 3. I get scam calls daily. Thank you for putting an end to these call centers. Every time I hear a Indian accent I just hang up now. Thank you for your time. Over the weeks just hanging up they call less and less it used to be six to seven calls a day now is about 2 a month. Keep being an amazing person.
  • Kade Hefflinger
    I use to hit the ignore button when my phone says potential spam. Now I answer and drag the conversation on as long as I can. I start laughing and make fun of them for the time they wasted on me. They go from professional, to calling me all sorts of names ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love doing this now, and feel like I might save the next person. I've learned so much from you on how to drag it out with wrong answers, and acting confused. I drive for a living and have lots of time on my hands, so sometimes I'll call back over and over and just keep [email protected] with them. Love what you do, and thank you.
  • Roughyx
    I am an Indian and these scammers really spoil the reputation of India. if you see the real side of India, you will be shocked. People like you are needed to get rid of these traitors. Thank you so much. God bless you :)
  • Clarky
    I worked at Geek Squad for a year. The amount of people who are hit by this, the amount of clueless grandparents, is staggering. My mother and father even got e-mailed these attempts before. Keep up the great work, looking forward to part 2!
  • Dude, I say this with all seriousness. Youโ€™re my hero!! Nothing feels better than truly helping your fellow man. Thank you from every honest, hard working person out here. We appreciate what you do more than you know!!! Keep up the good fight brother!!
  • Naughty Shepherd
    Whenever I get a call from a scammer I tell them my name is Perogi, they usually either hang up right away or say something in Hindi then hang up. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Thank you for all you and your amazing team does!! ๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค›๐Ÿผ
  • It's awesome to see YouTube putting these types of channels in our recommended feed, especially when Scammer Payback is doing good things for the world.
  • Connor Johnson
    im a geek squad agent, i get these more often than id like to admit, but thankfully we still get people who print the email out and we get to save them from falling down that hole
  • Mr1611
    My advice is to educate the elderly before they even receive the first call.

    That way when they do get a scam call they won't even engage.
  • Tele Player
    If there is ever an Olympic scammer relay, you definitely deserve a gold medal. Thank you for everything you do!!!
  • Cholera_do
    Do you think they are invited to the FBI Christmas party?
  • YayWei
    Yesterday I was at a Starbucks and the lady sitting next to me was on the phone begging her older brother to not pick up the phone until she called the bank first, and that the people that had called him were likely scammers. When I reinforced her efforts, she told me her brother is 89 with dementia. Your message is being spread, you are affecting change ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿงก. Thank you, Pierogi!!
  • Kim Ed
    You are an excellent human being Pierogi. Thanks for all you do. Have a wonderful day taking these scammers down!