Apple just changed everything. Again.

Published 2024-06-12
Apple Intelligence is the most important announcement from Apple in nearly a decade. A lot of what was announced is not new — but no matter how jaded you are to all of this, I’m asking you to take a step back and hear me out because the intention and purpose behind Apple Intelligence is new- and it’s a game changer. Quite literally, after this, nothing will be the same. Not just for Apple- but for everyone else too.

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  • @tdrg_
    Waiting for the Android fanboys to tell us they had this in 1783
  • @Mr.Badoogle
    You sold me on Apple ai more than they did lol
  • AI for the rest of us… “as long as you have the iphone 15 pro or higher”
  • @werenothesame
    As Android fanboy, Android had this feature 9 billion years ago
  • @Mruniverse21_
    Siri finally got a brain the iPhone is completed 🗿
  • @The_Sochmusic
    Makes you think maybe they waited to release the iPad calculator app all this time so that they could integrate the AI to solve the problems…🤔
  • @HankuWoo
    The toilet cover is supposed to be kept closed when not in use.
  • @MRamos7273
    “Imagine iPhone 16 or future iPhone’s with a M chip.” iPhone on steroids.
  • @maciekcygal1004
    I'm from Poland, and in my country, Siri isn't even available in Polish. Apple doesn't really bring half of the WWDC features here, not to mention that I have an iPhone 14 Pro, which doesn't even support AI. Honestly, I have no idea why we use Apple products here. Google offers us an assistant in Polish, Gemini works in Polish, and all the services available in the US are also available in Poland. As long as Apple remains US-focused, there's no chance it will surpass Google.
  • @Perpn101
    Isn’t it hard to say it’s a game changer when no one has tried it yet?
  • @catserver8577
    So, now Siri can ignore me with actual malice. Fun.
  • @187producedit
    i keep getting distracted by the toilet, why is it there? 😂
  • @johnnya568
    Looks like Siri finally got a brain like the scarecrow
  • @shuweb
    Apple need to seriously sell the craig federighi helmet in their stores
  • @broken-code
    Isn’t the only thing that matters the calculator app?
  • @seapanda-117
    The one thing that matters the most is arranging my Home Screen starting from the bottom. I am not being sarcastic at all.
  • @elgatov823
    i still cannot forget how this guy seethed when Europe forced apple to open it's walled garden
  • @Thindr
    The whole time he’s talking about the wonders of technology I’m just distracted by the toilet in the background.