We Built A Town

Published 2024-01-21
Thank you to Dragon City for sponsoring this video so we could build this community in Guatemala. Download Dragon City by via this link dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/philanthropyweek or scan the QR code, get a special FREE Starter Pack with 15,000 Food, 30,000 Gold and 10 Gems and take part in the Beast Philanthropy week events!

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  • @darrenm5162
    Download Dragon City by clicking this link, get a special FREE Starter Pack with 15,000 Food, 30,000 Gold and 10 Gems and join the Beast Philanthropy week events! https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/philanthropyweek
  • @口十口
    He's literally constructing dreams, hope, and changing lives one brick at a time.
  • @DANGER_MAN_619
    Jimmy, I am from Kazakhstan! I want to wish you all the best! May the politicians and haters shut their mouths and may the world calm down so that you can help them without any trouble or discontent!👍
  • @KarnageGaming
    with all the rich people in the world that ignore these sort of issues, it took a youtuber to fix the issue. a kid who grew up making videos in his room. god bless you mr beast. youve more for this planet then anyone. waiting for the day where u fund one of those companies planning to rid the world of one of the 3 big garbage centres in the ocean
  • @MiladMirg
    Beast Philanthropy is pushing the limits on what's possible every day. Truly incredible, thank you for all that you do for the world
  • @WumboJumbo
    dude went from making simple videos in his room to making an entire town for those who are less fortunate. Absolute beast
  • I don’t usually ever comment on videos (though I’ve always been a fan of Mr.Beast!) but this one genuinely made me tear up. I was born in Guatemala and in a very impoverished community and even though I now live in America I still consider it as my home. It warms my heart a million times over that Jimmy took his time to do something for my country. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Thank you to Jimmy and everyone that made this possible ❤
  • @rennytv1667
    Muchas gracias por apoyar a mi gente linda de Guatemala 🇬🇹 Mil gracias!!!!
  • @Ojisan642
    Someone has to do a documentary on Darren. Didn’t he start out as the guy running a local food bank in North Carolina? Now he’s going around the world changing lives. Amazing guy!
  • My parents were born in Guatemalan when my dad heard you're helping this little town it made him so happy thank you Mr beast ❤
  • @betterchapter
    From playing Minecraft on an old PC to building a town, Jimmy is an absolute legend
  • @urielmonterroso
    I'm from Guatemala, and not even our president do this for the people, thanks a lot Jimmy! And thanks to TECHO for the fantastic work you do, I will definitely become a volunteer
  • Wow men eres una gran persona que gran corazon, te juro me hizo llorar ver a tanta gente feliz, gente y poblacion olvidada por sus gobiernos, un enorme abrazo desde colombia.
  • @Tito-sq1kb
    I’m currently in Guatemala for 10 days. I’ve seen how tough these people have it. Thank you for helping. I took a weaving an cooking class in San Juan La laguna and San Pedro La laguna. It’d be a dream come dream if you could help them. They live in poverty yet have such high spirits and are so nice and caring.
    Incredible work being done here. The impact it's having on the lives of the people in these remote communities is profound.
  • @MarioFarmer617
    We 100% gave the correct person money/fame. Love you mr beast ❤❤❤❤
  • You are the best person in the world!!!! I’m from Russia, but I dream of joining your team to help people, I’m not rich and unknown to anyone, I don’t need fame! My dream is to help people shoulder to shoulder with You! You are a great person!! Thank God that humanity has you!!!!!