the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

Published 2024-02-03

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  • @JordanStuddard
    Happy to help film this one! Please don’t ever FaceTime me with your Persona again thanks
  • @TheGoose98
    When you feel like Times Square doesn't have enough screens already
  • @timsopinion
    But... honestly, why is it good that our "outside" reality will be bombarded with access to our online worlds? If it's hard enough now to sit in a room with friends and stay focused on "the now" and enjoy the moments together, are you insinuating that our future is basically that no moments together will be unencumbered by apps, videos, calls, and augmented reality? Why is that good?
  • @ohhgodspeed
    I wanna watch this again in 10-20 years. This gonna be like watching people with their first bulky mobile phones
  • @mkbhd
    This is the type of review I'm so glad exists 😅 2:05 There's a travel mode in the control settings! Apple says it's made for airplanes but... I suspect it'll do pretty good on subway to
  • @SonaLovesick
    there is a deep and uncomfortable disconnect in what is about to happen. simply because we are going to let it happen... it doesn't end well.
  • @ethanwasson6963
    This genuinely terrifies me for what’s to come in the next few decades
  • @AyaWetts
    I am deaf... I would love something like this to actively make captions for everyone around me so I can tell what people are saying... would be amazing.
  • @PeterMcKinnon
    The cut away of you holding the donut up killed me. LOL.
  • @bragee
    This will be a great boost for people alienation
  • @HWQFish
    We always ask if we can do it, but we never stop to think if we should.
  • @felipesanin1808
    In 30 years when we have this tech in contact lenses this video is going to be a classic. Like the first experience with atari footage
  • @vnkman4391
    be in THE MOMENT. You do not need ten moments.
  • @swoozie
    “Apple Vision Pro kids” about to replace “iPad kids”??
  • @xXxAmadeuzxXx
    They are trying so hard to sell this thing 😂😂😂
  • What stood out to me is how friendly everyone was. "Enjoy your adventure" How amazing is that guy!