BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2024 (Trailers) February Releases

Published 2024-02-04
Top Upcoming Movies 2024 (New Trailers) February Releases

Films Included :
00:00 Best Upcoming Movies 2024 (Trailers) February Releases
00:06 Argylle
02:43 Scrambled
04:41 Orion and the Dark
05:54 The Tiger's Apprentice
08:17 Lisa Frankenstein
10:42 Air Force One Down
12:49 Madame Web
15:45 Float
18:05 Amélie
19:11 Bob Marley One Love
22:00 Land of Bad
24:25 Monolith
26:38 This Is Me Now
28:53 Avatar The Last Airbender
31:10 Lovely Dark And Deep
33:00 Ordinary Angels
35:24 Drive Away Dolls
37:52 Code 8 Part 2
39:42 Spaceman

All Comments (21)
  • @Max_Ivanov_Pro
    The lineup of upcoming movies is looking pretty diverse, from action-packed thrillers to heartwarming dramas. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future!
  • @tableshaper4076
    Good GOD, dark days ahead. There is no way the theatres survive this year.
  • @ismimeli
    Women are amazing, strong, incredible, smart, sexy, perfect... the message has been drilled into our heads for so long, I don't think we need the movies anymore.
  • When you see the trailers you understand why cinema hasn't recovered yet.
  • @MaxSMoke777
    If you clicked on this video entirely because of the thumbnail, the answer is, "It might be from Spaceman, but only during his dream sequence". There is no upcoming movie where a superpowered astronaut fights a dragon. :p
  • @Frankie_X464
    Argylle is, the Lost City meets Bullet Train meets SPY😅
  • @gv670
    Amelie was released in 2001, so it is 23 years old. Why is it being advertised now?
  • @lowey65
    The writers should stayed on strike absolute crazy
  • @azraell33
    Thank you, Hollywood for all the money you have saved me over the last few years.
  • @myplan8166
    Fine, got a few dvds i still need to watch. Don't need no cinema this month
  • @Grubnar
    Lisa Frankenstein? I think I saw this film years ago, when it was called Warm Bodies. It was pretty good!
  • @leroystea8069
    Drive Away Dolls is the one I'm looking forward to. Being done by one of the Coen brothers is a plus and it looks ridiculously silly.
  • @Macandfam
    Santino is everywhere and I love it for him!
  • @anthonybush607
    It’s no wonder Hollywood is losing money hand over fist. What a bunch of tripe.
  • @saintdonoghue
    The comments here are fascinating. Wish Hollywood showrunners would read them.
  • And the award for SpecialFx goes to,.... Air Force One Down's use of the cup doubling silicon pillows!
  • @RobertPilla
    When you make a Biography but start out with "Based on a true story," You know it's going to be a crapfest.