Mixing Every Lip Gloss From Sephora Together

Published 2022-09-29
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HELLO FRIENDS! So we were itching to whip up another batch of franken makeup, and we realized lip glosses had escaped our grasp up until this point – but not anymore! So yet again, we raided Sephora, buying one of each lip gloss they had in stock and then mixing them all together into one franken-batch to rule them all. What did you think of our final color?

Also also, if you’d like to learn more about the makeup recycling service that we used at Nordstrom, you can read about it on their site here: www.nordstrom.com/browse/nordstrom-cares/get-invol…

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PS - in case you want some more from us, we did just post ANOTHER franken video today over on Tyler’s channel. It features us testing out our own separate approaches towards frankening together one of every oreo flavor we could find. We’re calling it the Frank-Off! So be sure to check it out as well. It is also very un-hinged.

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  • @safiya
    CASETiFY’s iPhone 14 Impact Case Series is now available at casetify.com/! go to casetify.com/safiya today to save 15% off your order!
    HELLO FRIENDS!! After hundreds of hours of prototyping, our franken-lipgloss has finally arrived! What do you guys think of the franken-shade? How close do you think it is to our original franken-lipstick? If you’re interested in getting your very own franken-lipgloss, make sure you enter our subscriber giveaway before October 27th - details are in the description!! xoxo, saf
  • @lily.bug.1520
    tyler absolutely VIOLATING those tubes of lip gloss.

    i also think it’s precious that saf’s wallpaper has been that…flattering..photo of tyler since forever
  • @Rain-cs3wp
    i love how safiya tested out a bunch of methods and even pulled out a fancy syringe for this, and then tyler just started aggressively fucking the gloss out of the tube with the wand applicator💀
  • @imagaybanana2004
    There’s something so innately cozy and comforting yet delightfully chaotic about Safiya and Tyler’s videos. There so re-watchable!!! They’re entertaining, funny, unhinged, therapeutic and relaxing all at the same time. I absolutely love it.
  • @_froggit._
    Am I the only one who kinda wants to see Safiya mix together every halo taco nail polish-? I think it’d be kinda cool 🤭
  • @kirstychalk6202
    I absolute LOVE their less "family friendly" humour, it's so beautiful 😂
  • @SoniasWay
    When the world needed her the most, she appeared
  • @faith4964
    This is the spiritual successor of mixing up “potions” as a little kid out of random stuff in your bathroom but this actually works
  • @ashsomething
    I’m surprised they didn’t make any jokes about Tyler’s method with the clear lipgloss, though I don’t think YouTube would allow that without demonetizing them lol
  • Imagine you're just working at your job at like a makeup or soap store and you just see Safiya and Tyler walk in like "Oh no"
  • @tonygroh
    it would be fun if you tried the Franken lipstick with the franken gloss on top:)
  • @CallME_Ell
    When they train the employees they need to have a safiya stage 💀
  • @tylerwilliams
    confirming that it is “grabagool” and not “gabagool”. also i am still involuntarily duck-facing.
  • @moongod5013
    My mom used to say that you can recognize a good couple by how they interact in the kitchen. I would like to add the caveat of “how rapidly do these two generally competent adult humans devolve into sharing two brain cells in the kitchen”? Saf and Tyler are fantastic.
  • @SanginiKaul
    Safiya: Let me hold Tyler's rod real quick.
    Tyler: Yeah go for it.

    Safiya: OOh kinda like golden showers
    Tyler: Let's hope not

    The subtle sexual innuendos in this video are crazy 😂😂
  • Y’all should get a Guinness world record for most lipglosses in one lip gloss
  • @axelian170
    Saf: “Did you just expire???”
    Tyler: “a little bit”
    I’m dying omg 😂😂😂😂
  • @user-eu5oc9hr9h
    As a couple they always give me Mortia and Gomez vibes for the Addams family. ❤
  • @nobodysc
    safiya’s content is so cozy, like watching friends at 3am bake cookies while slap happy