He proposed :)

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @ksipes1520
    Brooke this sent me to tears I’ve seen yall grow since the beginning words can’t explain how I happy I am for you two I love you ❤️
  • @pnutluv76
    First ever video I watch from your channel Brooke was when Clayton was getting ready for prom…I’ve grown attached to your family, your videos, your infectious personality and all the wonderful experiences I’ve seen on here! Congratulations my love!! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family! Much love from Cali ❤️
  • @forampatel1074
    This sent me into tears. So happy for you and Grey in this new chapter in your life. Started watching you at the beginning of quarantine and being able to see your relationship grow has been truly wonderful. All my love to you guys. KEEP BEING AMAZING!!
  • @juliaz6233
  • OMG BROOKEEEE! I knewww ittttt. So so happy for you guys! Been watching you since day and can’t believe all the marvelous things God has done for you. Love you and grey together. I pray God continues to bless y’all with the mightiest of blessings. Love you ❤️❤️
  • @simplishell
    CONGRATULATIONS again and again. 🎉🎉 I have been watching your journey for years even before grey came into the picture. Girl, what a blessing it is to meet someone God said yes to. This is such a beautiful and genuine union.
  • @jenniosorio5584
    CONGRATS BROOKE!!! I’m one of the silent subscribers who has been here since 2018. I cannot believe how far you’ve gotten and couldn’t be happier for your guys relationship. Wishing you lots of love and blessings on this new journey for you and grey💗💗
  • OMG! I’ve been watching Brooke grow over the years since 2018 😭 this is making me so emotional, congrats to you both!🙏🏼
  • @moonparadise7312
    SCREAMING CRYING BAWLING MY EYES OUT I’ve watched this relationship blossom into the gold it is since the very beginning in 2020 4 years ago. Yall are one of my most favorite couples of all time and I’m so so so beyond happy for you both. Both of yall are so lucky to have found each other. True soulmates, you guys prove love is alive, pure, and thriving. You make me believe in love. God bless you both, congratulations on your engagement 🤍💌🕯️🏹
  • @RoseyRaylen
    OH MY GOOOSH!!! Brooke I've been watching you for years and to be able to see this milestone is so personal and sweet. I've always loved your videos. Congratulations and I wish you the most God-filled blessed marriage girl. I'm crying rn. Love you queen.
  • @Mo-fx7hn
    Being here since 2017 to see you grow this much as a person and as a family to see you all growing and changing and now this. This is truly beautiful and it’s so heart warming and I’m so happy for you. Congratsssss. ❤️
  • @laurenschraerr
    your guys love story is such a testament to Gods goodness and faithfulness. so so happy for yall🥹🥹
  • @katyaalfaro940
    why do i feel like a close friend just got proposed to?! i’m sobbing!!!! congratulations brooke! 😭🤍
  • @oguz5989
    I’m so happy for you Brooke, all the best for you and Grey, congrats from Germany ❤️🙏🏼❤️
  • @samanthadean8836
    girl. you guys are divine light, even to a stranger like myself. the love, the highs the lows and the honesty and dedication is truly magical. congrats you two, oh what a beautiful future ahead with gods guidance and strength. all the loving. Congrats!
  • @Bananateaparty
    I’ve been watching you both for 2 years now😭I’m so happy for you both🥰 This is so beautiful watching your relationship throughout the years, I felt like I grew up with you guys🥺Congratulations🙏
  • Currently bawling! Congratulations to the both of you. I’ve watched you grow for yearrrrssss now, and this makes me feel so unbelievably happy for you. Wishing you & grey many blessings, i hope our God continues to bless y’all every step of the way. Love y’all! ♡
  • @fertorresm
    YOU GUUUYYYSS!!! So blessed to have been a part of your journey so far, I've been following your channel since before your "meet grey" video and I love how authentic and amazing people you both are!! Hope God keeps on blessing your lives and thank you for sharing your happiness with us!! Love you xoxo