Man in Cave

Published 2022-09-29
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Man in cave. Trapped.



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All Comments (21)
  • Wendigoon
    I’m still not sure if trapping me in an actual cave for 72 hours was necessary to record my lines, but it certainly got results. We should probably go check on the editors though, even if “they don’t deserve food” I don’t think sealing them in was appropriate.
    The cruel irony here is that he wanted to turn the cave into a tourist attraction, but instead HE became the tourist attraction
  • Lord Alzorn
    Two things people also gotta realize: The Turnaround Room isn't really a room. It's a widening of the tunnel that collapses to the 9 inch gap. It's just big enough to get your bearings, decide which way you want to go in, or turn back. It's not a 10 foot tall room that you can stretch your legs in preparation to go into the squeeze.

    The other thing: The squeeze didn't allow you to change directions. The video makes it look like you can go in head-first, turn around at the 10 foot drop, then go down feet first. You have to decide if you want to go in head first or feet first. It's then 20 feet to the drop. Floyd went in feet first to clear it out then got stuck. His brother went in head first to clean out the rubble, then had to climb up the 10 foot drop BACKWARDS!

    Now you know a bit more why people turned back
  • TheKaein
    41:00 holy shit thats one of the scariest moments I've seen in a video. For both sides. On one hand, Floyd didn't want to be alone in the dark. He just wanted to have someone with him. On the other, that guy only came to help and Floyd tried to get him to stay to his probably doom just so he wouldn't be lonely.

    What a horrifying situation.
  • Kirsten Golnaz
    The sentence "the cave refuses to let him go" always gives me chills. It's as if the cave is alive, and has a will on its own. On every turn, the cave is just refusing to let him go. Floyd tried to profit off of it, and now it has screwed him right back.
    Probably the closest thing to a real Eldritch abomination as it can be.
  • Matt Mann
    The contrast between the hilarious animation and voice acting versus the incredibly intense story was amazing. One of the best YT documentaries I've ever seen.
  • DustedThrusters
    Gerald, Homer, and Miller really were the realest here. Absolute Kings trying to get their friend and brother out. And Miller didn't even know the guy but he put his life on the line.
  • Michael B
    Miller seems like a real stand-up guy. Did everything he could and put himself in mortal danger to rescue a complete stranger, and then refused to profit off of the ordeal.
  • Karma
    I think the most tragic part of it all is that, you hear the details of what methods they tried and you think "I could've done that better" which is the exact problem that caused so many to show up and hinder the rescue in the first place
  • Jakob Johnston
    The way that Floyd’s body was treated after his death is possibly the most appalling, disgusting and disrespectful things I have ever seen happen to an individual in my life.
  • Amber Siddoway
    You managed to make this story feel so intense and gut-wrenching. Also, introducing the squeeze chilled my blood. I never considered myself claustrophobic until this video.
  • Cymes
    Floyd: I'm going to make a fortune with this cave!

    The Cave: Sorry , mate. The best I can do is pay you in exposure.
  • yellowelmo
    I was shocked as it was slowly explained to me how Floyd was trying to get another man to die with him. Obviously so much of this story is shocking, but that part... I felt like I finally understood the level of torture he was suffering.
  • Hunter Hefti
    Miller was absolutely inspiring. He was a man who came down to get a scoop. Braved the cave when no one else would, to get said scoop. Saw Floyd first hand, and chose to stick around and help him get out. A complete stranger risking his own life over and over again, to help a person in need
  • bald bread
    I was super duper high when I watch this and I sat there for the whole hour waiting for it to get wholesome, and holy fucking shit that was one of the most depressing, terrifying and downright sad hours of my life

    Great video man, fantastic from start to finish 10/10
  • Dune
    Never heard of this tragedy but damn the chills I got towards the end. Just the embalming and disrespect towards his body. And then how long it took to give him a proper burial. Incredibly sad but props to everyone who tried to rescue him
  • Yuutaruu
    This is the only IH video that I can't rewatch to this day becuase of how sad it is.

    It is however a 10/10 documentary.
  • salaryman
    It's very sad story and it actually left me with hard feelings for a couple days after watching. Can't even imagine how horrible this death was.
    However, I'm also thinking about "what would you expect?". You know, it's not like it was misfortune or uncontrollable events that lead to this - going inside a 9 inch hole covered with razor sharp crystals to jump into another even smaller hole covered with razor sharp crystal is basically a suicide. Like, he shouldn't have returned even the first time he decided to go there. And yet he continued to piss off his luck each day. And it also wasn't one of those situations where the person just didn't know how dangerous something is, he knew everything.
  • Orion ON1-K
    My stomach dropped during that initial zoom out from Floyd's position to the cave entrance. It was a lot farther, a lot *deeper*, than I had hoped it would be. There is something terrifying about that on a primordial level.
  • Jonathan Price
    I'm in awe of the moral integrity on Miller. He goes there for a scoop but ends up risking his own safety time and again for a man he barely knows. Even when Floyd passed going so far as to decline that million dollar contract to stay humble. He deserved more than just a Pulitzer.