Published 2022-07-14

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  • Pedro Rivera
    This is the Weekend I miss. The darkness, the emotion, the heart break. You're already big and you'll get bigger (trust me), but don't change this style. It's raw and impactful. Stay true to your origin and you will have a faithful following. Sometimes bad things have to happen for great things to occur. Good luck bro!
  • Officially Thomas
    I think this song has a much deeper meaning behind the lyrics and the video. I think this song is about lust and how lust enslaves you. The word “Hotel,” represents lust. When we give in to lust, it feels good and pleasurable but in reality, lust just makes you feel empty in the end. That’s why Montell Fish had a video of an empty crappy looking Hotel to represent how lust makes you feel empty. The beginning of the song with the backwards lyrics say “I’m a slave to her Love.” Meaning how people become a slave to love / lust. It destroys you like Montell said in his song “Destroy myself just for you.” Think about the Chorus of the song about knowing that the girl in the song was bad but he stills continues to mess with her. Meaning he knows that this will end badly but he stills returns anyway. And he also said he doesn’t know what to do about it. Lots of people don’t know what to do about lust and how to become free from it. In the end where he was dancing on his bed is him trying to battle all his demons and trying to become free. In the end of the video, it zooms in on his sunglasses. Him wearing Sunglasses represents him trying to hide the guilt of lust and coming back to it. I could be completely wrong though and have misunderstood the whole video, this is just my interpretation of the video.
  • Ashley Burgos
    This has been blowing up lately… I’m so glad people are recognizing Montell Fish. Actually I’m glad he is getting recognized. I loved him since his videos. Just his voice, cinematographic, and poems are beautiful and breathtaking.
  • Jada Moss
    You need to put this on Spotify so I can put this on repeat
  • saintfrancis
    I love how cinematic your music is. It has to make it to a soundtrack one day.
  • MAC
    I love how real and raw his music is, it makes me feel so much emotion that I try to bury deep. And as someone who has always struggled with their faith him talking about the things he deals with pain, drugs, sex, etc makes me feel seen as a Christian. People don’t realize how hard it, is a lot of time you do fall into the worlds lure, and for Montell to talk about his struggles in such an authentic way is so beautiful. I’m so thankful I’ve found your music.
  • Dawg haleigh
    I’m screaming my heart out to this song he did an amazing job..
  • I’m a slave to her, slave to her love
    I’m a slave to her, slave to her love
    I’m a slave to her, slave to her love
    I’m a slave to your love, it’s who you are that I cry

    When I met you in that hotel room
    I could tell that you were so bad news
    But I keep messing with ya, messin' with ya
    And now you're messing with me, messin' with me

    I keep going back to this hotel room
    I just don't know what the hell to just tell you
    But I like messing with ya, messin' with you

    Girl, now you're messing with me, messin' with me

    This hotel room
    You put me in, my love
    Look, girl, I love you
    You know me, girl
    Better than I know myself, my love
    Hotel hell, ooh

    When I met you in that hotel room
    I could tell that you were so bad news
    But I keep messing with ya, messin' with ya
    And now you're messing with me, messin' with me
  • Hakunamatata 4Z
    THIS IS A MASTERPIECE THE GOOSEBUMPS! i get listening to this immaculate creation 💗
  • Topsy🌸
    This song is just everything.His voice the bass the pain the sweet sorrow of not being able to break free. Literally goosebumps
  • Godspeed
    I love how he talks about how actually addicting toxic love, with how truly lustful the human instinct can be, and how powerful that human instinct is
  • Julvar
    This is like actually REALLY good. Don’t mater if this was made with you and a producer, you by yourself or whatever just keep making masterpieces.
  • ColdLoner
    I can’t get this song off of repeat, it literally speaks to me and all of my struggles. Stuck in this hotel room I can never escape.
  • Julie L.
    When i first heard this song on tiktok i thought it was a lust song but it is so much more then that and its hit me in my feelings. To me the lyrics and the voice makes it sound like a toxic love that you cant just stop messing with and no matter what you’re always going back you’re always wanting more no matter how bad it is for you and youre just inlove with toxic love and wont ever escape from this loop. (I feel this song on an entire whole another level and it hurts tbh)
  • Been listening to this for non-stop the past few weeks, those vibes are insane ♡
  • Taisa Almeida
    Eu tô viciada nessa música. Eu poderia ouvir ela por horas.
  • Loren Cantu
    reminds me of 2012 The Weeknd and I’m 100% here for this please give us more
  • Orange Flipper21
    Dude this song literally is the only thing making me feel like myself I keep listening to it on repeat