Game Theory: I Analyzed Hello Neighbor Frame By Frame

Published 2024-02-10
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The time has come... after YEARS of letting this meme lie dormant it's finally time for me to dissect Hello Neighbor frame by frame. If you're unfamiliar with this meme then I'm sure this will be a fairly confusing episode, but come along for the ride anyway, there's actually some really interesting lore to be found in this series.

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All Comments (21)
  • @MillieBee11
    The only thing more savage than MatPat ignoring your desperate tweets begging for attention is MatPat coming back four years later and explaining exactly WHY he ignored your desperate tweets begging for attention. 😂
  • @Quackers217
    so glad matpat called out how games like fnaf have such an unnecessary reliance on books, they really should not be mandatory to read to even have a slight idea of whats going on in the story
  • I totally agree with MatPat. We shouldn't HAVE to read the books to understand anything. I loved it when you just hopped in the game and you had to actually find clues and secrets IN THE GAME. It's so much more fun and it makes you be prouder of your work because YOU FOUND IT YOURSELF. Now we're just basically reading the book and calling it "a theory" it's so exhausting and shouldn't be mandatory.
  • @LilithQuigley
    The Caddicarus inclusion was great. So glad the Mattention Pattention Foundation's work has not gone unnoticed
  • @chicken
    I like that the new hosts of the channels are being featured on the channel more before MatPat goes, it feels like it'll make the transition a bit easier
  • @halloseve3733
    Looks like matpat accepted his fate with his enemy
  • @Destinystrike
    Caddi is the perfect person to have be a part of The Game Theorists. He's an absolute unit.
  • @GlytchGames
    About the jumbled up letters, maybe the character you play as is dyslexic You’re in a first person view after all, while the show is told in 3rd person Actually since he was locked away for years maybe he’s forgotten how to read
  • Matpat really asked: "are you a game with mysteries because you have lore or do you have lore because you are game with mysteries?" to tinybuild edit: how did i get so many likes :o
  • @limpfall13
    Idk why but the psychic friend Fred bear jingle almost made me cry.
  • 4:20 Gosh I always enjoyed that Psychic Friend Fredbear jingle. It's also nice seeing more theories that made our childhoods before MatPat's inevitable passing the torch moment and retiring, it's a nice touch.
  • @Womp_womp2256
    “If you're not careful you can spend your whole life looking for what you've lost.” Thank you, for everything Matpat. Everything.
  • I love the criticisms of how lackluster in stories popular games are getting. They really need to stop pushing books and actually stay focused on the games themselves!
  • @avril8129
    I love this. Matpat is so snarky and as he should be. He really said "yeah I'm not reading all that" lol. No one should put an expectation on him to play their game let alone analyze it and I'm glad he sorta established that by not doing a hello neighbor theory just because there was pressure to do so. I also like how this felt less like a theory and more like an explanation of what story in the games and show and books. No secrets uncovered, no plot twists, just doing exactly what he said he would: watch it frame by frame.
  • I was NOT expecting a Caddicarus joke to turn into a cameo, what the heck. XD It's also really strange that Caddy's subscriber count isn't skyrocketing after that. He's so FUNNY!!
  • @Rosewater2
    I like how Matpat actually said how he felt about the game. It almost felt like he was trying super hard to stay civil while still putting his piece in. It was kinda hilarious to watch lol
  • @Storm-bv7pc
    Me listening to this while drawing: Me, hearing MatPat say “Missouri”: MATPAT KNOWS WHERE I LIVE?!
  • @nesscerie8959
    My favorite GT video so far because (1) of the intro, (2) the Psychic Friend Fred Bear song was played, (3) Tom was here, and (4) MatPat has his Youtooz merch for us. Glad I was here for it! ✨️😄🎉
  • @Gyroman_002
    I'm glad MatPat decided to call out the whole why is everything in the books now for most major indie horror franchises