I Hired a $20 Stylist to Dress Me | Style Theory

Published 2024-02-10
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After seeing the fun videos full of fashion inspo from Ellbat (I Hired a $200 Stylist and $20 Stylist to Dress Me for a Week) and Mia Maples (I Hired 3 Stylists with Different Aesthetics to Style Me), we’ve decided to test the world of online personal stylists for ourselves. Today we’re testing Fiverr vs Stich Fix to see if any of these digital personal stylists are worth it. What is the cost? Can Ai really determine what we should wear? And can we actually find a new look in this process? C’mon, get ready with us as we try on a whole new wardrobe!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Amy Roberts, and Mike Keenan (The Pokémon Biologist)
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Tyler Mascola, Warak, and Koen Verhagen
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Thumbnail Artist: DasGnomo
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All Comments (21)
  • @mmgmagic
    I find it quite funny that the second Stitch-Fix outfit for Stephanie is literally just the classic MatPat outfit, red jacket and all. I doubt that the folks at Stitch-Fix are aware of him, which just makes this cosmic coincidence that much more interesting to me! I'm surprised that it wasn't mentioned in the video.
  • I was once gifted Stitch Fix for a year. I hated it. It took them months to realize that I hated sweaters, and by the end of the year, they had still not managed to give me anything that I actually liked despite me giving feedback every month. Very ick experience.
  • @乂
    Steph's second outfit from StitchFix is giving me major MatPat vibes! Love the cosmic coincidence! 🌌🔥
  • @lostmonkey
    The "different universe Stephanie" look was just her in MatPat cosplay and I love it
  • @vancel35
    17:08 I'm with you, editor... the orange jacket is /literally/ right there and she grabs a mustard / yellow one to say it's close to orange.... wut?
  • @jendesantis620
    the part where the editor zooms in on the bright orange jacket was gold
  • @Sonic-Batman
    Stephanie’s last outfit would match well with MatPat’s red jacket look
  • @fennwenn3317
    As someone who wants to look like an elfen faerie king isekai'd into a midwestern mall, I can commiserate with MatPat's frustration with the limitations of men's fashion right now.
  • @AnymMusic
    "me and khaki, we are not friends" Matt said whilst using the avatar with a Khaki-ish polo
  • Seeing Mats colors being organized ROYGBIV style makes me very happy. I also subscribe to this style of organization.
  • Steph's outfit at 23:30 shockingly accomplished the legs for day look on her. She looks taller with this one.
  • @Ana-Ma.S
    14:42 As a Fashion student, I have been taught that "Premium" means a brand that has a higher price point, sometimes almost the same as a luxury brand, however, it does not have any luxury aspects in its marketing and communication strategies! Some better-known examples are Isabelle Marant and Loewe Gucci is not Premium but instead Luxury, mainly because of the heritage of their fashion house that they use as part of their marketing. (And heritage is one of the key defining factors of a luxury brand😉
  • @Notkaedenn
    matpats main style is that iconic red jacket, and we can never see it again
  • Well done bringing to light a gap in the industry when it comes to men's fashion! As a straight man comfortable in my masculinity, I'm always at odds with clothing retailers and second hand shops trying to find colorful pieces that work with my staples. I hadn't realized just how much I find myself aligning with what your preferences are, being color and structure. I can recognize that as much as I'd love to be able to wear more pastels and soft colors, the tone of my skin just happens to be complimented better by darker more solid colors. Not much I can do about that. I'd at least like more creative options in terms of available clothing tho.
  • @MikaylaLi
    I'm so happy to see an honest review of Stitch Fix! I ordered from them a few years ago asking for an outfit I could wear on my birthday and they sent me athleisure!
  • @ocean_caswell
    Ok but like. . . Steph in the red denim jacket made me immediately think of her being in an alternate timeline where she ran the channels while Mat stayed in the background Edit: sorry don't want to be that person but thank you for all the likes ^^ I'm a big fan of matpat and I'm glad that I got atleast a decently popular comment on one of his videos
  • @sachalsaieen
    tuxedo mattpatt isnt real he cant hurt you, tuxedo matpat:
  • @brahg_real
    The fact that stephs second outfit from stitchfix looks exactly like mats iconic outfit is insane 32:34