Built On A Plane Jam: epock

Published 2023-04-02

Hello again, everyone!

So I was stuck on a plane from DC to San Francisco today, so I did what any rational person in that position would do: I threw a 1-person "build something nifty on a long plane ride" game jam!

My last jammy thing was qdlst(), the Quick 'n' Dirty Locally Similar Tiler algorithm that I subsequently used to build Greave, the dungeon crawler I released this past weekend. Today, for a change, I decided to try my hand at a worldmap builder in the vein of Civilization.

Being as I was on an airplane and was not about to shell out good money for lousy wifi, all I had to work with was PICO-8 and the text-based manual. Since I couldn't remember any perlin noise procedures off the top of my head, I had to improvise, which is more fun, anyhow. I decided to go the geological route: I'd build a world by pummeling a blank slate with a bunch of meteors. add a little random noise every ten rounds or so, and you've got yourself a planet!

The end result is surprisingly nifty and builds a cool 128x128 world map in a matter of seconds (toggle the real-time viz off by pressing the up button to see the algorithm work at full speed.) Use the left and right arrows to increase/decrease the number of meteor iterations the program goes through.