Planet Invasion

Published 2024-01-23

This game was made over the course of 2 months. Everything (except for a few sfx) was made by me. It's a remake of an old game of mine that you can check out on my itch page.


Protect your planet from the incoming threat by destroying big planets with smaller, grabbable ones. Be prepared, though, because at the end of each wave, an other-worldly enemy will come to attack you.


grab planets - left mouse button

shoot projectiles - right mouse button / F

pause game - menu icon / P

skip cutscene - right mouse button


The HTML5 version is a bit unstable, but if you want to try a more stable version that can also be full-screen (wow), you can get it here:


Also, there is no best score saving. I ran out of time.

Thank you for playing!