Golf Adventures! 2

Published 2024-01-12

Golf Adventures! 2 – a charming 2D pixel art minigolf game!

Navigate through 108 levels across 5 uniquely themed packs, each introducing new and unique challenges:

1. The Journey Begins! (Begin your journey with a variety of basic obstacles!)

2. Bumpy Wind! (Navigate through windy terrains with bumpers!)

3. Blizzard Ahead! (Clear icy landscapes with slippery ice tiles!)

4. Mechanical Mayhem! (Explore mechanical maps with portals, cannons, trapdoors and magnetrons!)

5. One Shot Away! (Enjoy the challenge of achieving a hole in one, facing slippery and sticky walls along the way!)

Ready for a simple, yet exciting golf adventure? The sequel awaits, promising exciting new twists in each theme!

The game may take a while to load when playing it for the first time, so please be patient!

Downloadable on!