Don't Steal My Fruits!

Published 2022-09-22

Don't Steal My Fruits! is a short danmaku game with 2 playable characters,

4 difficulties and more than 30 different bullet patterns!

Choose the fruit character you prefer and fight for the fruit superiority!

There's a total of 10 achievements as well!

(If you play both routes, it should take about 20-30 minutes)


∎ Move with the arrows: ◄▲▼►

∎ Shoot/Confirm with: X

∎ Focus/Cancel with: Z

∎ Throw Fruits with: C

∎ Use bomb with: V

∎ Pause with: SPACE BAR

∎ Skip dialogue when holding both Z and X

❂ Make sure your language is set to ENG! If not then hit Alt+Shift and change it. Scratch only reads ENG!!

❂ If the game has a lot of lag at the beggining, reload the page or click the green flag again.

❂ Bosses & enemies do NOT have a hitbox.

❂ To use a bomb you need to have a specific amount of fruits (10 for apricot and 6 for strawberry).

❂ You have half a second after getting hit to use a bomb and save yourself!

❂  Thank you for checking this game!