Gods of Defense

Published 2022-09-12

[Update: Starting from v0.2.3 the game progress will be saved in such a way that it won't be lost upon release of updates. If you have any game progress from before you will probably loose it. Sorry for the inconvenience]

[Update 2: Some players have reported a bug which stops game from continuing beyond wave 6 (or 7/8). Not everyone has hit it. I've tried to repro the issue to no success. Despite 4-5 hours of playtesting I've never hit it. I have seen similar bugs in late game which have now been fixed. I've added some analytics to gather more info about why this might be happening. If you happen to hit this bug, please describe what you did in as much detail as possible. Let's track down this bug. Thanks for your help!]

Gods of Defense is a Roguelike Tower Defense game set on a procedurally generated map.


WASD - Pan camera

QE - Rotate camera

Tab - Cycle through time fast forward

Space or P - Pause/Resume game

The God of your choosing stands atop a temple at the center of the map. The corrupted enemies are trying to destroy the temple in waves. After every wave you get to banish the enemy gates further from the temple, thus revealing more of the map. You have to banish these gates all the way to the Cave of their origin. The victory is achieved when you have destroyed all the Caves.


After successfully defending against number of waves you are awarded Boons that give you more options - new Towers, bulk upgrades, temporary advantages. The choices you make lead to a unique defense strategy.

In addition to Gold you also earn Faith when you kill enemies. Faith is a permanent currency that you can use to unlock several improvements.

The enemy offensive is not just limited to attack on the Temple. Some enemies corrupt the towers as they pass by them. When Corruption exceeds certain limit, you have to absolve it by accepting one of the presented Curses.


In addition to standard weapon towers, you can also kill enemy with more style by summoning Tornadoes. You will also face natural calamities like Rain, Snowstorm, Earthquakes, Thunderstorms. Some of them will help you, while others will make your job difficult. But all will be enjoyable.

Overall GoD offers you multitudes of recipes to build a delicious strategy.

[The game is still in early stage of development. Your feedback is welcome.]